Devotion to our Carmelite Saints

Our Carmelite saints are guides on the journey within and we remember each of them during the year as their feast days come up, and also on November 14th which is the liturgical feast of all the Carmelite Saints. They are our models of life and protectors. We especially remember our Holy Founders - St. Teresa of Avila and St. John of the Cross and we celebrate their feast days in a solemn way in Community. Individual Sisters may have particular devotion to other saints, but we find that St. Thérèse is a favourite with us all, and also with many of our friends, so we celebrate a special Mass in her honour on 1st October each year! 

Although not strictly a Carmelite, we lovingly venerate St. Joseph, spouse of the Virgin Mary and patron of the Order and also of this monastery. St. Teresa always encouraged her nuns to pray often to St. Joseph and she dedicated the first monastery of her reform to him.

We are developing individual pages for each of our Carmelite saints, click on the link at their names to read more about each one:

St. Joseph
St Joseph
Feast Day: 19 Mar
St. Teresa of Avila
St Teresa of Avila
Feast Day: 15 Oct
St. John of the Cross
St John of the Cross
Feast Day: 14 Dec
St. Thérèse of Lisieux
St Therese
Feast Day: 1 Oct

St. Elijah

St Elijah
Feast Day: 20 July
Bl. Elizabeth of the Trinity

Bl. Elizabeth of the Trinity

Feast Day: 8 Nov
St Teresa Margaret
St Teresa Margaret
Feast Day: 1 Sept
St Raphael Kalinowski
St Raphael Kalinowski
Feast Day: 19 Nov

St Teresa Benedicta of the Cross (Edith Stein)
St Teresa Benedicta
Feast Day:  9 Aug
St Teresa de los Andes
St Teresa de los Andes
Feast Day: 13 July
The Martyrs of Compeigne
The martyrs of compeigne
Feast Day: 17 July
Bl. Anne of St. Bartholomew
Bl Anne of St Bartholomew

Feast Day: 7 June
Bl. John Soreth
Bl. John Soreth
Feast Day: 24 July
Bl. Mary of Jesus Crucified
Bl. Mary of Jesus Crucified
Feast Day: 25 Aug
St. Simon Stock

Feast Day: 16 May
St. Albert of Trapani

Feast Day: 7 August

St Albert of Jerusalem
St Albert
Feast Day: 17 Sept
Bl. Titus Brandsma
Titus Brandsma
Feast Day: 27 July
Bl. Mary of the Angels

Feast Day: 16 Dec

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