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Recreation time!!

 So that the Sisters may joyfully and spontaneously communicate with one another, recreation will be held in common, according to the mind of Holy Mother (St. Teresa), twice a day - after dinner and after supper. All the religious will faithfully take part in it. They will charitably collaborate with mutual respect and affability in building up the Community.
Carmelite Constitutions

Community recreation
indoors or outdoors, we enjoy our periods of recreation each day, where we share our news with each other - all the ups and downs of life. This sisterly support is important to us all. As we chat, recreation time provides an opportunity for us to develop some creative skills, such as handcrafts, card-making or sewing. On special days, Sisters who are musically talented sometimes entertain the Community with a few songs! On other occasions we might decide to look at a video or DVD together.  There can be moments of great fun during recreation, and this helps us to unwind during our busy daily schedule.

Sr Kevin and her knitted toys!Having fun in the snow
             Sr. Kevin's knitted toys                                                   Having fun in the snow!                     

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