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Reading, study and ongoing formation

Sister readingSt. Teresa always wanted to enrich and deepen her knowledge of God so that she could respond more generously to the gift of his presence and action in the soul. Following her example, and in response to the wishes of the Church and to its laws, all the Sisters will pursue their own spiritual, doctrinal and practical formation without interuption, for their entire lives.
            Carmelite Constitutions

Each Sister is expected to spend an hour each day in private reading, and usually some time spent doing Lectio Divina will be part of this. (See also our page on the Word of God under the "Prayer" section of this site). We are lucky to have a good library with a wide selection of books, especially from our Carmelite saints, but also from many other sources.


We have an annual 8-day retreat which provides the community with spiritual nourishment, and we sometimes invite guest speakers to give us lectures on topicial issues in the Church.

Sisters also have the opportunity to attend occasional formation courses which are orgainsed each year by the Carmelite Association, CORI and the Carmelite Institute. They are usually very enriching and helpful.

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