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Meal time at Carmel

"You are to eat whatever may have been given you in a common refectory, listening together meanwhile to a reading from Holy Scripture where that can be done without difficulty"   
                    Carmelite Rule

The room where all our meals are taken is called the refectory. We sit in two rows facing each other and we usually eat our meals in silence. One Sister is appointed to read during meal time - beginning with the Holy Gospel for that day, followed by an excerpt from our Constitutions or Rule, and then some relevant reading from Church documents, Carmelite books, etc... Occasionally we listen to talks on tape or CD, and on feast days we may listen to some music during our meal. On very special occasions, such as Christmas and Easter, we have a recreation meal when we make one big table in the centre of the room, and we all sit together to eat, chat and celebrate!

The refectory

We have three meals during the day, and they are usually very simple. For breakfast, most Sisters either take porridge or cereal and some fruit.
Our main meal is in the middle of the day, and we have a selection of vegetables and meat, fish or eggs.
Tea time in the evening is a simpler affair, with bread, fruit and salads, or on a feast day some cake!

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