Thank You Mary Mc Aleese!!

We would like to express our thanks to President Mary Mc Aleese for her faithful
service to our country over the past 14 years, and we wish you well Mary in the future.
We have fond memories of her visit to us on 30th March 1998.

Here are some photos we took on that occasion,
and also the account of the visit from our Christmas Newsletter in 1998: 

A telephone call in mid-February from Aras An Uachtarain! President Mrs. McAleese would like to make a private visit to us on March 30th! (We told only our Lodge family and our good friend Pauline to whom we owed this privilege.) At the hour appointed the doorbell rang, and her aide-de-camp, stepping inside, announced: 'The President is here'. And in she came, leaving her five companions outside the door, so we had her to ourselves.

Friendly and relaxed, she talked about her family, her commitment to prayer and daily meditation, her concerns for the country (the peace talks were then nearing their conclusion). Asked if she would still find time for daily meditation in her busy schedule, she replied that she now needs it more than ever and makes time and space for it. Her daughter Emma, when she was little, wanted to know what Mammy was doing when she was meditating. "I'm talking to God', was the reply. 'And does God talk to you?' asked Emma.. Her mother replied that He did. So Emma sat in on the meditation and waited patiently. At last she asked: 'Is God talking to you?' 'Yes'. 'Then', said Emma, 'when He's finished talking to you, please tell Him I'm waiting'!

Our guest prayed a few minutes with us in our Chapel, saw our altar-bread department, on which she commented 'Shipshape!', and the hermitage with its glorious view of Dublin bay - we think she'd have liked to stay there.... Back in the library she enjoyed a cup of tea and home-made brown bread with us. Her aide-de-camp was now ringing at the door saying that the President must come! She had enjoyed her hour's respite with us, and left reassured that there were people praying for her and her many concerns.

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