My Vocation story.... part 2


My employer was very understanding when I explained why I would like a month off, and agreed to give me unpaid leave. I came to live at the monastery for four weeks in September/October 2005. During this time I experienced the daily routine of the house and got to know the community very well. They gave me the opportunity to take part in everything, and I found myself helping with cooking, cleaning, gardening and altar-bread baking. After a while I got used to the early start in the morning, and could appreciate the great balance in the daily structure of prayer, work and recreation. A few times I felt lonely for family and friends, but this was certainly eased by the companionship of the nuns and the peace of the monastery. Here is a picture of me taken during my live-in. It was the feast of St. Therese and I was helping Sr. Brigeen to arrange the huge number of roses that were donated to the monastery for the feast-day Mass!!!

During live-in with roses

The four weeks passed quickly and then I was free to return home and make a decision about whether I wanted to live this way of life permanently. In my heart I knew the answer, but there were still obstacles to be overcome. However, I found the grace and strength to do what I felt God wanted, and again trusted in Him to resolve any difficulties. I informed the community I would like to enter, and after some routine assessments I was accepted on New Years Eve 2005. My entrance day was settled for 15th March 2006. The months passed quickly. I finished up my job four weeks before I entered, and then spent the time with family and also sorting out my belongings. 

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