The History of Kilmacud Carmel
Founded 1881

"For the love of God, I ask all of you to fix your eyes on the race of the Holy Prophets
from whom we have descended. We are beginning now; but let those who come
after us strive always to make a new start and to better themselves..."
St. Teresa of Jesus

The Foundation of Kilmacud Carmel
House and Early Benefactors

The Seven
Founding Sisters

The Eighth Foundress

The History of Our Chapel

Decade by D
Events and Memories

Visit Our Cemetery 
(brief biographies & photos
of deceased sisters)

Census Returns
1901 1911
These are links to the Irish National Archives. Please note, there are some errors  in the names and details as transcribed by the Archives.
More Recent Special Events

Centenary Celebrations
in 1981

Visit of the Relics of St. Therese 2001

The building of our
new monastery


Thanks to Sr Mary Gabriel our archivist, for help with this section,
and also to for assistance with many of the images.

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