Daily Life at Kilmacud Carmel

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Many people wonder what daily life is like inside a monastery and are surprised to learn that it can be a very busy place!! This is because the day is composed of with different activities. The horarium includes regular periods of prayer, work and recreation.  This daily schedule provides a necessary balance between times together in community and a life of solitude, providing us with a lifestyle as close as possible to that of the original Carmelites on Mount Carmel who lived in separate cells but came together for prayer and meals.

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A life of prayer

Work done around the monastery


Recreation time!

Reading, study and ongoing formation

A balanced life - solitude within community

Making pavlova on feast day!

Our Daily Horarium

5.30 Rise
6.00 Morning Prayer (Lauds)
6.20 Private prayer in Choir
7.30 Holy Mass followed by Thanksgiving (15 mins)
and Prayer Before Noon (Terce)
8.30 Breakfast
9.00 Work
11.45 Midday Prayer (Sext)
12.00 Dinner
13.15 Recreation
13.45 Afternoon Prayer (None)
14.00 Private Reading or Study
15.15 Work
16.35 Evening Prayer (Vespers)
17.00 Private prayer in Choir
18.00 Tea
19.10 Recreation
20.00 Night prayer (Compline) and Office of Readings (Matins)
22.30 Retire

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